February 2014

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DB Sales Rebate Service Matches Energy Saving Equipment with Utility Incentive Programs

The high efficiency message is resonating with building owners and tenants, thanks in part of the financial incentives that are available from California utilities.

Installing or retrofitting HVAC systems for improved energy efficiency reduces the long-term energy and maintenance costs, and also directly lowers the cost of the initial investment.

DB Sales identifies rebate opportunities; you get the cash.

DB Sales has long provided expert guidance to its customers in identifying, sourcing, commissioning and maintaining the most environmentally responsible and energy efficient products, including high efficiency chiller plants, pumping solutions, air handlers, boilers, and air-side systems.

More recently, DB Sales has developed an expertise in energy efficiency product incentives offered by California utilities, including San Diego Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison, So Cal Gas, and the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power.

Steve Mertz, president of DB Sales, says, “With our historic expertise in putting together total energy efficiency solutions, we wanted to become experts in the often-complex area of incentive programs, so that our customers get the best possible value for their capital investment.”

“We work with our clients on the rebate process end-to-end, from identifying the opportunities until they receive their check. “

CLICK HERE for more information about the DB Sales Energy Efficiency Equipment Rebate Service.

DB Sales Identifies Utility Incentive of 16,000$
and Reduces Future Energy Usage

When mechanical support systems begin to age, building owners look for ways to be more efficient and reduce their operating costs while still maintaining its comfort. An upgrade in equipment is generally the obvious answer, but the selection of the best solution is never simple.

That is where Steve Mertz, owner of DB Sales & Service, came into the picture for RiverRock Real Estate Group when they were reviewing the HVAC system at their Orange County commercial office building. DB Sales researched all the possible utility energy efficiency incentives available for the required equipment set. Then, DB Sales pulled together the energy engineering team required to calculate the savings and meet the rebate requirements.

The energy savings were calculated to be 97,619 kWh per year and a demand reduction of 23 kW, with a system that included Micro Control Systems Energy savings control system and high efficiency Hanbell Screw compressors with Variable Speed Drives. This system created part load efficiencies down to 0.4 kW/ton, which equates to a 30 EER.

This performance-based technology, coupled with energy efficient software using electronic expansion valves driven by rapid response temperature sensors, transformed a failing, inefficient system into a cost-saving solution without the huge capital investment of replacing the entire system.

The bottom line – the customer received a utility incentive of $16,900.00, which offset 19% of the total project cost, and reduced its energy usage on an ongoing basis by more than 10%.

For more information on Micro Control Systems’ advanced control systems, CLICK HERE.

Cain Industries Provides Waste Heat Recovery Systems

DB Sales has added Cain Industries products to its lineup of energy efficient HVAC products for commercial and industrial applications.

Cain Industries is a leading designer and producer of combustion exhaust heat transfer products. with over three decades of experience. Thier 15 product lines serve a broad spectrum of the combustion retrofit markets: Diesel and Gas Cogeneration, Boiler Exhaust, and Fume Incineration.

Water Heat Recovery Systems lower fuel costs and reduce pollution. To learn more about Cain Industries products, contact DB Sales.

For more information on Cain Industries, CLICK HERE.

WILO Stratos Commercial
High Efficiency Circulators

High Efficiency Motor Pumps — Save Up to 80%

WILO is at the cutting edge of energy efficiency technologies, and is by far the market leader in applying ECM motors to pumping applications.

WILO, a German manufacturer, is the first company in the world to create a high efficiency pump. Wilo pumps can save up to 80% of the energy required by standard circulator.

DB Sales is the exclusive provider of WILO products in Southern California. For more information on WILO, CLICK HERE.

About DB Sales

DB Sales is a leading representative firm for a full line of HVAC and plumbing products, serving Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Diego Counties since 1978.

The company is distinguished by the high-efficiency equipment expertise of the sales personnel. They are a licensed service contractor and factory certified for all the equipment that they sell. www.dbsales.net