With the growing concern about energy consumption, DB Sales has made it a priority to offer efficient and environmentally-friendly compressors by Hanbell. We’re also experts at servicing many other brands of compressors for maximum efficiency.

DB Sales offers complete compressor services, from walking the jobsite and determining the ideal compressor for your specific application, to service and preventative maintenance. Our 35+ years’ experience and competitive pricing makes us SoCal’s one-stop-shop for compressor commissioning and service.

Hanbell Compressors

DB Sales is a manufacturer’s rep for Hanbell horizontal compressors. These products are cost effective and highly energy efficient. The RC series of refrigerant compressors is frequently selected by DB Sales customers for its high energy efficiency.

Hanbell is one of the largest and most advanced manufacturers of compressors in the world. They take pride in their innovation and the development of new products, especially the high-efficiency screw compressors which are offered by DB Sales.

Compressor Repair, Maintenance, Parts

DB Sales and Service provide compressor, maintenance, and parts for many compressors.