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Booster Pumps

We stock booster pumps for demanding commercial heating and cooling applications. Available from top manufacturers, commercial booster pumps offer a complete solution to maintaining constant pressure in a variety of commercial and industrial water applications.

A booster pump works with a water source pump system to increase and maintain ideal water pressure. Typically, in a commercial application, a multi-stage pump is necessary to get the desired water pressure in the building. The water booster pump pulls in water from the main source to a storage tank and uses impeller blades to force water flow through the system to fix low water pressure issues.

Low water pressure can be caused by several factors. After typical plumbing issues have been ruled out, a commercial booster pump can be installed to fix system pressure.

  • Building Size – If the commercial building is large and the distance from the water supply line is far, a booster pump will help maintain consistent pressure throughout the whole building.
  • Gravity – Tall commercial buildings may need a booster pump to keep water pressure constant through the whole building. It is hard on the system to push water up with a consistent pressure. Water pressure demand at the top of an apartment building, hotel, or office building  is the same as the bottom floors and pressure boosting can solve the flow and pressure issues.
  • Local Water Supply – The local water supply may not naturally be powerful enough to provide enough water to the system. A water booster pump can pull in the additional water necessary to fix low water pressure. 

Energy-efficient pumps are built to last and are designed for continuous operation without damage to other parts of the system. 

Not sure which booster pump you need? We’re happy to help!

AMT Booster Pumps

DB Sales proudly offers AMT booster pumps. AMT utilizes high efficiency pumping systems to reduce energy consumption by up to 60%, making LEED rated bronze, silver, or platinum building easily attainable. These systems provide an immediate and positive impact on the building’s performance, which leads to considerable cost savings and helps promote the sustainability of our planet.

AMT’s advanced booster systems use sustainable NSF-approved stainless steel waterways along with high efficiency pumps and motors. With focused attention on even the smallest detail, each skid and control panel looks like a show piece. State of the art algorithms and controls give the user system efficiencies which are second to none. Contact us to find out which AMT booster system is right for your project.

LA High Rise Gets an Impressive Water Delivery System

A new luxury apartment tower called Aven now graces Downtown LA’s skyline as of January 2019. The building is home to 536 apartments plus a park, retail stores, and even a volleyball court.

Constructing a building of this magnitude brings a unique set of challenges. In addition to the intricate logistics of building in Downtown LA, they also needed to find a way to deliver hot water and cold water pressure to fixtures on all 38 floors. The design team and contractor hired DB Sales to make it happen.