Solar Heating & Cooling

Partner with DB Sales for the ideal solar solution for your specific needs. We’re able to answer your questions and simplify the process for you to start taking advantage of the sun’s natural energy. Solar thermal technology allows the energy from the sun to be harnessed and used for various commercial and industrial heating and cooling applications at significant cost savings. All by using the sun’s energy for free.

We work with solar energy manufacturers of solar thermal equipment to offer our clients a range of customizable products to meet the widest variety of needs.


Enerworks offers integrated solar water heating solutions designed and optimized to efficiently meet specific commercial and industrial needs. After HVAC, water heating is the largest demand on business energy consumption.

Heating water with renewable solar energy rather than finite fossil fuels offers many benefits:

An affordable and cost competitive alternative

Environmentally friendly - reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions

Reliability and lower utility bills year-round

Enerworks also offers solar pool heating, suitable for applications in all climates. When considering a heat source for any pool, the primary benefit of solar heat is that it’s free heat from the sun! Using the existing pump and filter, the easy-to-install solar pool heater ensures warmer pool temperatures, no monthly heating bills, and is proven to be the most cost effective way to heat a pool of any size.

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