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We understand the critical nature of boilers to a building, for comfort, health, safety, and protection of valuable assets. DB Sales & Service has a wide range of rental boilers in stock, and a trained team available 24 x 7 to install temporary boiler rentals quickly. We provide boiler replacement service throughout SoCal, including Imperial, Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, Santa Barbara, San Bernardino, San Diego, and Ventura Counties.

Our main types of emergency rental boilers:

Domestic hot water boiler system

Domestic water storage tanks

Hydronic heating boilers

High pressure steam boilers

Steam boiler rental trailers

Serving All of Southern California with

Boiler Rentals & Replacements

Our trained technicians can identify the appropriate type and size of a temporary rental boiler for your needs. We also offer boiler service, boiler maintenance, boiler repair, boiler installation, and monitoring in Imperial, Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, Santa Barbara, San Bernardino, San Diego, and Ventura Counties.

Representative units of rental boilers in stock (will vary):

  • RBI Futera II Series hot water supply boilers
  • RBI Dominator Series indoor/outdoor boiler and hot water heating unit
  • Burnham high pressure steam boiler

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What Is a Boiler Rental and What Is It Used For?

Your boiler is one of the most important assets your business has. 

It isn’t just essential for preserving a comfortable, productive environment in various industrial settings. The right boiler is the heart of your heating and hot water supply, ensuring your business can continue to operate consistently, efficiently, and effectively. 

The chances are your business already has a commercial or industrial boiler it relies on for heating, cleaning, and other factors. However, sometimes, it’s important to have a backup in place to assist with fluctuations in demand, unexpected downtime, and emergency situations. That’s where a boiler rental service comes in, to ensure your company can survive and thrive, no matter the circumstances. 

Here, we’ll share a behind-the-scenes insight into the importance and value of a rental boiler, its various use cases, and how you can find the right solution for your needs. 

What is a Boiler Rental? The Basics

A “rental boiler” is a strategic, often short-term solution for heat and hot water offered to businesses facing sudden spikes in operational demand or unexpected circumstances. Most of the time, rental boilers are seen as an “emergency service”, used by companies to keep operations running smoothly when a standard boiler breaks down or requires maintenance. 

However, a temporary boiler rental can also be useful in various other circumstances, from supporting temporary projects, to giving you an opportunity to test new technology and tools. 

Here are some of the main ways companies can use boiler rental service:


Managing Temporary Projects

Whether you’re operating a construction site, launching a temporary project, or dealing with a facility expansion, an industrial boiler rental can be extremely valuable. Companies can use rentals to create a mobile boiler room, so they can take heating, steam, and hot water controls with them to any environment.


Emergency Boiler Rentals

When unexpected boiler failures and shutdowns impact your business operations, or natural disasters create problems with your heating system, a temporary boiler installation ensures you can be up and running quickly so your business can continue to operate as normal.


Testing New Solutions

If you’re ready to upgrade your boiler system, but you aren’t sure what kind of solution you need, a rental boiler service is a great way to experiment with your options. You can assess the efficiency and suitability of different types of boilers, before investing in a permanent installation.


Dealing with Fluctuations in Demand

Changing weather and climate conditions can have a significant impact on your heating and hot water requirements. A rental boiler can supplement your existing boiler system, giving you the additional power you need, when you need it.


Navigating Maintenance & Repairs

When your boiler needs scheduled maintenance or repairs, a boiler rental ensures you don’t have to shut down your entire business while fixes are being implemented. This helps to minimize workplace disruptions.

The Different Types of Rental Boiler

Just as there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for the perfect permanent boiler, there’s no guaranteed rental boiler that will suit every situation or requirement. At DB sales, we offer a range of different boiler rental options to suit businesses tackling various challenges, such as:

  • Domestic hot water boiler systems: Ideal for providing reliable supplies of hot water and heating in residential, commercial, and industrial settings, these cost-effective and efficient boilers are great for temporary situations and environments. 
  • Domestic water storage tanks: Frequently used at construction sites and during events, domestic water storage tanks provide companies with a consistent and accessible reservoir of heated water. They can maintain water temperature, and often provide a cost-efficient and versatile solution to businesses with limited budgets. 
  • Hydronic heating boilers:Perfect for companies focusing on energy efficiency, hydronic heating boilers can be a little more expensive than a standard trailer mounted boiler, but they help to ensure optimal energy transfer, through a closed loop system. 
  • High-pressure steam boilers: Industrial companies, construction sites, and companies using steam for hygiene purposes in temporary lab or food preparation settings often benefit from high-pressure steam boilers. These products can be tailored to suit different industrial needs, and offer a robust performance, with excellent levels of durability. 
  • Skid mounted boiler rentals/Steam boiler rental trailers: A skid mounted boiler or steam boiler trailer is a cost-effective and flexible solution or steam generation on the move. These trailer mounted boiler rentals are integrated into trailers for easy transportation throughout various settings. 

DB Sales Boiler Rentals

The right boiler rental service can be crucial to keeping your business operational during emergencies, temporary events, and throughout seasonal changes in demand. At DB Sales, we offer boiler rental solutions to address a host of different needs, combining variety with exceptional customer service.

With more than 40 years of experience in our industry, we can use our expertise to guide you towards the ideal boiler for your situation. Plus, when you work with DB sales, you get:

  • The largest, most up-to-date selection of high-quality boiler options.
  • Quick response times and constant support during emergencies. 
  • Experienced technicians for guidance, installation, repairs, and maintenance. 
  • Tailored solutions to match your specific business needs.
  • Support from a team with a track record for excellent customer satisfaction.

Discover the benefits of hiring the right rental boiler for your business today. Contact DB Sales for a customized quote for your project. 

How quickly can a rental boiler be deployed?

The speed of installation for your rental boiler will depend on the type of solution you choose. At DB Sales, our experts work hard to ensure you can access the boiler system you need as quickly as possible, with minimal delays and downtime.

What types of businesses benefit most from boiler rentals?

Any business can benefit from a boiler rental, particularly if they’re dealing with unexpected downtime for their current boiler, or seasonal fluctuations in demand. However, rentals are particularly common in the construction, industrial, and scientific sectors. 

What maintenance and support services are available for a rental boiler?

When you access a rental boiler with DB Sales, you get the same commitment to customer service and support you’d receive if we installed a permanent boiler replacement for you. We still offer step-by-step guidance, customized technical support, repairs, maintenance, and monitoring services.

What to expect from your DB Sales boiler rental


Largest & Newest Temporary Boiler Inventory


Fast Turnaround on Boiler Installations


Expert Engineer Service Technicians Available


Temporary Boilers to Permanent Boilers

Emergency Boiler Replacement Case Study

A hospital in San Diego found themselves in an emergency situation with no hot water. They called our service department and we immediately dispatched a senior technician to the jobsite to analyze their equipment.

The old hot water boiler system, which had not been serviced for years, had leaking and busted coils and the controls were shorted out. There was no quick boiler repair feasible for the equipment, which was already beyond its life expectancy.

As an experienced boiler rental company, the techs at DB Sales & Service snapped into action by delivering and installing a pair of temporary rental boilers within one day to keep the facility going until permanent boiler replacements could be procured and installed.

Thanks to DB Sales mobile boiler rental service, the hospital has had reliable hot water for months while they plan out the new boiler replacement phase of the project.

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