Ultra Low NOx Burners

With the growing concern about energy consumption and emissions , manufacturers have developed Ultra Low NOx burners that reduce emissions using natural gas and improve the efficiency of the combustion process. This improved burner technology affects fuel gas recirculation which reduces the peak flame temperature, lowers NOx (nitrogen oxides) emissions, and uses fuel more efficiently. By controlling the amount of excess air introduced to the combustion process, ultra low NOx burners can lower your NOx levels and the amount you pay in bills every month. Strict ultra low emissions levels can be met using this low NOx solution.

At DB Sales we pride ourselves on partnering with manufacturers that share our goals to provide high quality, environmentally responsible, and low emission products.

DB Sales has a long history of providing the best products and service for the customer’s optimal operating conditions and NOx reduction. We provide a range of services from installations to repairs utilizing factory-trained mechanics including combustion technicians, as well as boiler and burner mechanics.

We start our relationship by helping customers determine the right products for their specific applications, doing whatever is necessary to specify the best solution including walking jobsites and reviewing project requirements. We ensure that everything is built correctly and commissioned properly, and can help solve problems and optimize efficiency throughout the life of the project.

We are experts in supplying, installing and commissioning Ultra Low NOx emission burn systems for retrofit and new applications. DB Sales has recently added Johnson Burners and Siemens Combustion Controls Division to its product line, extending the breadth of products that employ green building technology.

Johnson Burners

S.T. Johnson Company is an industry leader in providing ultra low NOx combustion solutions to industrial and commercial users. DB Sales’ expertise in engineering and implementing low NOx solutions, together with Johnson Burners’ ultra low NOx products, deliver proven solutions.

“Johnson Burners is at the forefront of design for ultra-low NOx and high-efficiency burners. They have a long track record in the California marketplace.” — Steve Mertz, owner of DB Sales

About Johnson Burners

S.T. Johnson Company was founded in San Francisco, California in 1903 as a burner manufacturer and fuel oil distributor. The company rose to prominence in the 1920s with the advent of the Johnson rotary burner, which was famous for its simplicity, reliability and durable design.

Today Johnson Burners designs and manufactures a complete product line of gas, oil, and ultra low NOx burners.

  • New and Retrofit Packaged
  • Ultra Low NOx Burners < 5 PPM
  • High Turndown Burners
  • Forced Draft Register Burners
  • Dual Fuel Gas and Oil Burners
  • Alternative Fuel Burners


Riello is a brand leader in the production and sale of burners and boilers for commercial and industrial applications. Their core strength lies in how they combine innovation and experience acquired over time by a reliable team of technicians and professionals.

Their commitment to their core product – burners – has led Riello to have the industry’s largest and most advanced manufacturing structure in the world. The key to their success is they design every single component of the machine in an integrated manner, for a highly differentiated range and, where necessary, a “customer tailored” product.

Siemens Combustion Controls (SCC)

Siemens Combustion Controls (SCC) is a leader in the combustion controls industry. It is also a world-leading supplier of a wide range of innovative products and complete solutions in the combustion control field.

They have excellent customer service as well as outstanding technical support. They hold training classes for end clients and for service providers.

  • Burner Management Systems
  • Burner Management Components
  • Total Boiler Solutions
  • Combustion Control Gas and Gas Shut Off Valves

Ultra low NOx burners are used in process heaters and a variety of boiler types including, watertube boilers, to improve heater performance and lead to low NOx emissions.

Contact us today or request a quote to inquire about the right burner for your application and low emission goals.