24/7 Commercial Emergency Boiler Repair

Looking for commercial emergency boiler repair near you? Don’t wait until tomorrow – call (714) 897-1036 now. We provide commercial/industrial emergency boiler service repair in the following areas:

Los Angeles

Orange County

Long Beach

San Diego


Santa Barbara


Our emergency response team is available 24/7 to help you with industrial and commercial boiler repair! Call now or submit a request for immediate emergency boiler service.

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Commercial Boiler Services

At DB Sales we pride ourselves on our emergency repair services, replacement services, and parts we use. Our technicians are very knowledgeable and trained to provide the best service with the best parts that are right for our clients’ needs. Keeping up with regular boiler maintenance and a periodic boiler inspection will lower the risk of having a boiler problem. We offer several types of boiler service including, rentals, emergency boiler repair, general maintenance, boiler installation, and inspections. In addition to our boiler repair service, we also have commercial plumbing and heating and air conditioning services.

Only the Best OEM & Aftermarket Parts

At DB Sales, we provide best-in-class parts for all your boiler needs. From Burner Controllers to Blowdown Valves, we make sure that your boiler is outfitted with parts that go the distance. Quality is not just an assurance from us to you, it’s our business. Our team of expert technicians will help you fix any issues with your current boiler system and point you in the direction of upgraded parts, if necessary. So, whether you need a quick repair, some answers, or a boiler replacement you can rest assured that we use only the best original and aftermarket parts to service your boilers.

Temporary Commercial Boiler Rental Services

Need a substitute while  you are waiting for a commercial boiler replacement or fixing a boiler problem? We have you covered. DB Sales has hot water boiler systems, hydronic boilers, high-pressure steam boilers, and others, available for rent in emergency situations for your commercial and industrial needs. We have our installation crew on standby 24/7, so no matter the time, you can get the power you need fast. Learn more about our commercial rental services here.

Standard Commercial Boiler Repairs, Service, & Maintenance

At DB Sales, we know how important peace of mind is. That’s why when you are in need of commercial boiler repair, service, or maintenance, we make sure to find solutions unique to your situation. DB Sales is dedicated to ensuring that your boiler system is running smoothly, that’s why we always have expert technicians available to properly diagnose any issue. With frequent maintenance, you can avoid catastrophic failures and save money in the long run – so don’t wait until something has broken. Let us take care of your boiler’s health and keep your system running smoothly.

For standard boiler service and maintenance requests, contact us to set up an appointment!