Energy Efficiency Equipment Rebate Service

DB Sales has helped secure hundreds of thousands of dollars in rebate money for their clients. In 2015, the company was the top rebate partner of SoCalGas. DB Sales has built upon its decades-long expertise in developing energy efficiency product solutions with an energy efficiency equipment rebate service.

The company stays up to date on incentive programs offered by California utilities, including San Diego Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison, So Cal Gas, and the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power, and works to propose solutions that qualify for these rebates.

Company owner and president Steve Mertz is an expert in rebate programs from all the Southern California utilities. He will meet with you to advise you on potential rebates, and follow through to help you realize the financial benefits of the rebate program on the back end.

2015 utility programs provided commercial, industrial and select agriculture customers with point-of-sale discounted prices on qualifying high-efficiency storage and instantaneous/tankless water heater(s) from participating distributors.

Installing or retrofitting boilers, industrial equipment, and HVAC systems for improved energy efficiency can also quality for rebates, depending on the programs in effect at the time of the equipment purchase.

DB Sales Energy Efficiency Rebate Service works as follows:

Client discusses its business need with DB Sales.
DB Sales uses its system knowledge and knowledge of products and of rebate programs from the four So Cal utilities. Among the products that most often are included in utility incentive programs are boilers, energy recovery devices, compressors, chillers, and variable frequency drives (VFDs).
DB Sales and client decide on solution.
DB Sales introduces client to a building modeling firm if required by utility program.
DB Sales provides rebate forms; client fills them out.
DB Sales implements solution.
Client gets check directly from utility.

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