LA High Rise Gets an Impressive Water Delivery System

Los Angeles, CA

AMT High Efficiency Booster Pump System


Case Study

Aven Residents Enjoy a Steady Stream of Water Pressure

A new luxury apartment tower called Aven now graces Downtown LA’s skyline as of January 2019. The building is home to 536 apartments plus a park, retail stores, and even a volleyball court.

Constructing a building of this magnitude brings a unique set of challenges. In addition to the intricate logistics of building in Downtown LA, they also needed to find a way to deliver hot water and cold water pressure to fixtures on all 38 floors. The design team and contractor hired DB Sales to make it happen.

An Efficient Pumping System

After analyzing the building requirements, the engineers at DB Sales worked with AMT to design the high-efficiency booster pump system with three 100hp vertical multistage pumps. There were many advantages to this system.

  • Compact, variable speed pumps that accommodate the ever-fluctuating demands for water.
  • Easy operation and display faults in plain English for maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Stainless steel supply and return headers for single point connection of the make-up and supply water.
  • Our unique system has an algorithm that runs multiple pumps at the same speed, rather than running the lead pump to 100% then turning on the next pump. This reduces energy consumption by operating at a higher efficiency point and also improves the lifespan of the pumps.
  • Full onsite support and start-up assistance.

Thanks to the new booster pump system, the Angelinos in Aven can enjoy a steady stream of water whether they are on the 1st floor or the 38th. DB Sales & Service can also help with your next pumping and water heating project in Southern California, even if it’s not a high rise.