December 2015

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DB Sales Clients Earn Big SoCalGas Rebates

How To Get Your Rebates in 2016

DB Sales was the top rebate partner of SoCalGas of 2015, helping its clients secure hundreds of thousands of dollars in rebate money.

Earning the top spot among several hundred members of SoCalGas’ Trade Professional Program was due to hard work and focus by DB Sales.

Steve Mertz, owner and president of DB Sales, said “We work really hard to secure every possible rebate for energy efficiency HVAC equipment for our customers. As a Southern California company, we stay up to date on incentive programs offered by California utilities, including San Diego Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison, So Cal Gas, and the Los Angeles Department of Water & Power.”

Mertz explained the process to optimize cash savings for his clients: “We start by meeting with clients and advising them on potential rebates. Then, and this is where the ball is often dropped, we follow through with the client and or the incentive program provider after installation to help customers realize the financial benefits of the rebate program.”

Incentive programs are constantly changing. To discuss how they apply to your specific situation, contact Steve Mertz, or (714) 897-1036.


2015 Rebate-Eligible Equipment (conditions defined in programs)

  • New or retrofit boilers
  • Commercial water heaters

Boiler Broke Down?

We Have a Quick Rental

The boiler rental business is a new one for DB Sales in 2015, but business is booming.

When a boiler breaks down, a company can very quickly have a disaster on its hands, because boilers are critical to a building for comfort, healthy, safety, and protection of valuable assets.

In 2015 DB Sales & Service started a boiler rental service to meet the need for rapid, emergency installation on rental boilers. The company has both a wide range of boilers in inventory, and also a trained team available 24 x 7 to install rental equipment.

Rentals boilers include the following categories:

  • Domestic hot water
  • Domestic water storage tanks
  • Hydronic heating boilers
  • High pressure steam boilers
  • Steam boiler rental trailers

CLICK HERE for more information on the boiler rental program.

New Webster Low NOx Burner Increases Reliability, Cuts Costs

Sweetener Products operates a state-of-the-art warehouse and distribution center in the city of Vernon, in Los Angeles County. Reliable steam boiler operations are critical to its manufacturing process.

A faulty Ultra Low NOx burner retrofit in 2010 left the facility with unreliable operation and constant failures. The result was excessive maintenance charges, unreliable operations, and excessive fuel bills. Hard dollar and intangible costs were both unacceptable.

Call to DB Sales, the Ultra Low NOx Burner Experts

Maintenance personal and executives at Sweetener Products turned to DB Sales & Service to provide solutions for their steam boiler system.

DB Sales quickly identified faulty design problems and recommended purchase of a new Ultra Low NOx burner from Webster Combustion, the leader in Ultra Low NOx burners. DB Sales also recommended the Webster Combustion HDFX burners because of their proven reliability, high turndown capabilities, high efficiency, and durable design.

New System Designed to Exact Requirements

The new system design incorporated a Siemens Combustion Controls parallel position combustion control system, forced draft fan with variable frequency drive and Webster’s Temp-A-Trim burner system. It was commissioned in September, 2015.

This integrated system provids a robust, reliable and high efficiency boiler/ burner system.

The new project has exceeded the expectations of the end users, delivering the needed reliability and lowering maintenance costs.

The increased burner turndown ratio provides less cycling, reduces electrical consumption and allows for lower excess level. The result is fuel savings of up to 3% and electrical savings up to 30%.

Lunch and Learn About Energy Efficiency Systems and Rebates

Jump start your 2016 energy efficiency systems planning with a Lunch and Learn at your office by Steve Mertz, owner and president of DB Sales.

Steve’s 40-minute presentation delivers technical and operational information relevant to your situation, and also identify the relevant rebate programs. Among the topics available:

  • How to Improve Energy Efficiency
  • High Efficiency Pumps Systems
  • High Efficiency Boilers Systems
  • High Efficiency Domestic Hot Water Systems

To schedule an in-person lunch and learn, contact Steve at or (714) 897-1036

DB Sales Selling HeatLink Hydronic Radiant Systems

In 2015 DB Sales entered a sales relationship with HeatLink®, a hydronic radiant systems based on circulating warm or cool water through loops of tubing.

Steve Mertz, president of DB Sales, said, “There is increasing interest in our southern California clients in installing high efficiency radiant heating and cooling systems, which have long been popular in the eastern U.S. HeatLink is the premier provider of these systems, and we are pleased to provide them to our clients. These systems provide excellent energy efficiency, and are now an emerging technology in LA.”

DB Sales & Service, which is factory-authorized by HeatLink for sales, installation, and service, can advise clients on the best product selection and installation method, depending on the building construction and application.

CLICK HERE for more information about HeatLink.

Expanded Website Reflects Growth in Products and Services

DB Sales has had a great year in 2015, reflecting a growing interest in the benefits of energy efficient HVAC systems and also some specific operational requirements of our clients.

Our expanded website went live this week with web pages describing new services added in 2015, specifically boiler rentals, compressor rebuilds, and service/parts support for Ajax Boilers (which are no longer available from the manufacturer).

Additionally, a handy new section ALL MANUFACTURERS lists the sales, repair, maintenance, parts, remanufacture, and rental services that we offer for each of 27 manufacturers.