5 Types of Rental Boilers that May Save Your Job

by | Jun 21, 2019 | Blog

HVAC technicians and building maintenance supervisors understand that today’s high efficiency boilers provide an essential service to our customers and tenants. Multiple times every day people depend on hot water flowing from their faucets. In some cases, defective boiler service may be more than an inconvenience, it could pose a life threatening situation.

Emergency Boiler Case Study

A San Diego hospital building maintenance supervisor found themselves in hot water (or lack thereof) when the hospital’s boilers failed and created an emergency situation. The existing boilers had outlived their expected lifespan and were beyond repair. The hospital placed an emergency call to DB Sales & Service and within a day the hospital had hot water flowing again thanks to a pair of high-efficiency rental boilers. With the rental boiler service in place, the hospital was able to remain operational during the months of planning and construction of its new boiler system.

Rental Boilers to the Rescue

Boilers are an important component in the safety, comfort, and health of our homes, buildings, and their occupants. In the event that your boiler fails, the following rental high-efficiency boilers are available to quickly get hot water back to your clients and tenants while repair services or replacement orders take place.

Checks Professionals Should Make

To further ensure that a boiler is performing optimally without any potential safety or inefficiency issues, it’s important to get professional services when needed. A reliable professional can help you get the most from your equipment and ultimately help you save more money on operation in the long run. Whether you need annual or more frequent service, our boiler professionals can help.

Here are the Rentals that could help:

  1. Domestic hot water

    Domestic hot water systems are what most people think of when they consider a hot water heater. Our high-efficiency hot water heaters resemble the kind that you find in a residential setting which are able to take care of a large variety of heading loads.

    Typically, commercial domestic hot water units employ reinforced welds, joins, and walls as well as anti-corrosive maters that are guaranteed to last. There are different versions of domestic tanks compatible with natural gas and electric power sources. This type of rental is perfect if your existing tank undergoes a major malfunction or failure.

  2. Domestic water storage tanks

    Domestic water storage tanks are used to expand the capacity of domestic hot water systems. These are a viable option if you find that your building needs a renovation to supply additional tenants with hot water, or if your system has routine problems with high pressure. Additional storage capacity ensures your building tenants remain comfortable while keeping the system safe from disastrous internal breakdowns.

  3. Hydronic heating boilers

    Hydronic heating boilers are also known as forced hot air. These types of units use rapidly-expanding hot water pipes to heat your property. Modern hydronic heating transfers heat to a radiator system beneath a rental unit’s flooring. Hydronic boilers are the perfect option for properties that require sectioned or zoned heat such as apartments and hospitals.

    A hydronic boiler system is also considered a great option if you’re looking for a high efficiency boiler. Some types ever have an efficiency rating of 98 percent. DB Sales can rent temporary hydronic units while your property goes through a major renovation.

  4. High-pressure steam boilers

    High pressure steam boilers are typically used in industrial buildings where high water and steam pressure are necessary. High pressure boilers are capable of heating system pressure in excess of 15 psi. DB Sales can rent replacement steam boilers while their professional team evaluates repair or replacement options for your existing unit.

  5. Steam boiler rental trailers

    Steam boiler rental trailers are ideal for emergency situations that need a rapidly deployable hot water source. Boiler trailers are highly mobile and can be placed in disaster areas, or buildings undergoing major construction work.

How Can a Rental Boiler Save My Job?

In times of crisis, your clients look to you for answers to their problems. If their domestic hot water system fails and the parts needed to repair it on are on backorder, they will not be pleased with having to wait. More than likely they will look elsewhere for an answer. If you are a building manager and your building’s hydronic heating system fails on a cold winter day but a repair is days or weeks away the building owner will grow tired of hearing complaints from tenants and the city. In the case of the San Diego hospital, people’s health and lives were at risk due to failing equipment.

Calling DB Sales and Service to deliver a rental boiler is a fast, cost-effective way to ensure your clients and tenants remain comfortable and have all of their basic needs met, at least those that can be satisfied with hot water. Being able to respond to those clients’ needs is one way to ensure they stay happy and remember that you’re the one that was able to solve their issue in a time of crisis.

At DB Sales & Service we are committed to serving our Southern California neighbors in any way we can. As an essential business, we are always just a phone call away as we stand ready to assist you in your time of need. If you have any questions about how we may be able to help or about the services we provide please do not hesitate to contact us. We’re available during regular business hours as well as our 24 × 7 emergency service.