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Booster Pumps


AMT utilizes high efficiency pumping systems to reduce energy consumption by up to 60%, making LEED rated bronze, silver, or platinum building easily attainable. These systems provide an immediate and positive impact on the building’s performance, which leads to considerable cost savings and helps promote the sustainability of our planet.

AMT’s advanced booster systems use sustainable NSF-approved stainless steel waterways along with high efficiency pumps and motors. With focused attention on even the smallest detail, each skid and control panel looks like a show piece. State of the art algorithms and controls give the user system efficiencies which are second to none.

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Rainwater & Grey Water Reclamation Systems


AMT’S CLOUD 10 reclamation systems collect and store water until it’s needed. Cloud 10’s advanced control system monitors and controls tank level, U.V. sterilization, filtration, and utilize BEPO™ and FLO™ technology to re-pressurize the distribution system.

Our technicians are experts at applying the proper booster pump and rainwater/grey water reclamation systems, with years of experience starting up and servicing this equipment in the field.

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