Venting Systems

With the growing concern about energy consumption, DB Sales has made it a priority to partner with manufacturers who share our goals in providing the most environmentally responsible and resource-efficient products including air handlers and also high-efficiency chillers, boilers and air-side systems. DB Sales has a long history of providing customers with solutions that meet the most stringent Ultra Low NOx emission standards in California.

DB Sales is an exceptional manufacturers’ rep company that provides cradle to grave services. We start our relationship by helping customers determine the right products for their specific applications, doing whatever is necessary to specify the best solution including walking jobsites and reviewing project requirements. We ensure that everything is built correctly and commissioned properly. We solve problems and optimize efficiency through the life of the project.

DB Sales has the system expertise to ensure that your boiler or generator system is properly vented. We use our vast experience to ensure your venting system works in the field. Our venting systems are installed along with the boilers or generators and we have applications for specific routing. AMPCO is our preferred manufacturer of these products, as they offer a reliable, affordable, and energy-efficient product.


AMPCO manufactures engineered solutions for high-efficiency combustion installations. The company makes cost-effective venting systems that assemble easily in the field and don’t take up excess space. These products are high quality, well labeled, and rigorously tested.

Venting systems include the Model VSI and the IVSI, which are both modular in design and have prefabricated piping systems. They are designed to be assembled quickly and have pressure-sealing capabilities. They also offer insulated piping components and structural accessories for support and attachment to building structures.


AMPCO is part of the conglomerate The Commercial Products Group of Hart & Cooley, Inc. (CPG). CPG manufactures commercial and industrial building products for exterior and interior applications. All AMPCO products are engineered using responsible building practices. AMPCO’s positive pressure system concept far exceeds code requirements and other manufacturers’ specifications.

  • Positive Pressure Chimney
  • Type B-Vent
  • Grease Duct
  • Generator Exhaust
  • AL29-4C Special Gas Vent
  • Engineered Venting Systems
  • Access Doors, Heat & Smoke Vents
  • Rooftop Accessories

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US Draft Co.

US Draft Co. delivers pioneering technology for the venting and exhaust industry by bringing the solutions necessary for safe, code-compliant design while simultaneously supplying low maintenance, dependable products. Their founders recognized numerous problems with natural draft and realized that there were voids in the mechanical draft and draft control marketplace that should be standardized. By filing several patented designs, they sought to remedy these mechanical draft issues by creating products that enhance safety and improve performance.

The Over Draft Control System (ODCS) maintains a constant pressure in the exhaust common manifold or required pressure (negative or positive) at the individual connector.

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Over Draft Control System (ODCS)