Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles, CA

HydroTherm Boilers

Commissioned December 2011

The boilers at the LA Times headquarters, located in Los Angeles, were old and inefficient and did not meet the current emission standard for low NOx. The client wanted to install a robustly-designed boiler that combined quality and high efficiency; it was mandatory that they meet the current emission standards of the air quality control district. The client also expected to save energy with the new boilers.

After carefully evaluating the requirements, DB Sales proposed and then installed four HydroTherm KN 20 boilers. The system was designed using on board control system allows for a trouble-free operation. One boiler is set up as the lead boiler and the other three are the slaves. As a bonus, the four boilers periodically rotate positions with each other to spread the workload and to meet demand. As additional boilers are required they will simply add them to the sequence.

The system has worked excellently for them; the result is a great high-efficiency condensing boiler system. Additionally, the LA Times received a $15,000 rebate from the Southern California Gas Company for replacing their old boilers with high efficiency, low NOx boilers.