RiverRock Real Estate Group

Orange County, CA

MicroControl Systems Chiller Controls & Hanbell Screw Compressors

Commissioned December 2013

DB Sales Identifies Utility Incentive of $16,900 and Reduces Future Energy Usage

When mechanical support systems begin to age, building owners look for ways to be more efficient and reduce their operating costs while still maintaining its comfort. An upgrade in equipment is generally the obvious answer, but the selection of the best solution is never simple.

Upgrade, Not Replace

When RiverRock Real Estate Group was reviewing its HVAC system at their Orange County commercial office building, DB Sales researched all the possible utility energy efficiency incentives available for the required equipment set. Then, DB Sales pulled together the energy engineering team required to calculate the savings and meet the rebate requirements.

The energy savings were calculated to be 97,619 kWh per year and a demand reduction of 23 kW, with a system that included Micro Control Systems energy savings control system and high efficiency Hanbell screw compressors with Variable Speed Drives.

This system created part load efficiencies down to 0.4 kW/ton, which equates to a 30 EER.

This performance-based technology, coupled with energy efficient software using electronic expansion valves driven by rapid response temperature sensors, transformed a failing, inefficient system into a cost-saving solution without the huge capital investment of replacing the entire system.


  • $16,900 in So Cal Gas rebates, covering 19% of project costs
  • Reduced energy consumption by more than 10%