Chaffey College

Rancho Cucamonga, CA

RBI Boilers & Wilo ECM Pumps

Commissioned September 2012

Failing Pool Heaters Replaced with New High-Efficiency Equipment

Chaffey College contacted Southland Industries, a premier mechanical contactor in Southern California, to assess an ongoing problem with their swimming pool heaters. Their original system had three 1.5 million BTU per hour high efficiency heaters and tubes that were constantly failing. Their pools were used for a number of swimming practices and athletic events, and the heating failures were of constant frustration.

After an initial assessment, Southland Industries brought in DB Sales to help them design the system. DB Sales created a new design for the pool heating system that significantly improved efficiency and reliability. It utilized a heat exchanger for optimal performance. Additionally, two 2 million BTU per hour RBI vertical modulating gas-fired boilers and two Wilo high efficiency inline ECM pumps were installed.

Before the DB Sales redesign, the old system worked at 4.5 BTU input. The system now functions at 4M BTU input, a reduction in gas consumption by .5M BTUs. The pool heater has been running without any issues, and has seen a vast improvement in reliability and efficiency. Chaffey College has been thoroughly satisfied with the new, high efficiency equipment.