Hoag Shady Creek Medical

Irvine, CA

RBI Fusion Boilers with Ultra Low NOx Burners

Commissioned 2016

LEED Silver Boilers Provide $54,000 in SoCal Gas Rebates

Hoag Health Center is a $1 billion nonprofit, regional health care delivery network in Orange County, California, that treats more than 25,000 inpatients and 369,000 outpatients annually.

DB Sales provided its energy efficiency mechanical contracting services to a new outpatient facility of three buildings, Hoag Shady Creek Medical Office.

LEED SILVER certification

The medical offices were designed to meet a LEED-Silver certification. The mechanical engineering firm for the project, Gumac, selected DB Sales & Service to help with the boiler selection and installation because of the company’s extensive track record with supplying high efficiency boiler system and supporting components.

$54,000 in SoCalGas rebates

Hoag Shady Creek received an equipment rebate from SoCalGas of about $54,000. DB Sales was an integral part of the rebate process, providing equipment options and the payback analysis during the equipment selection process, and streamlining the rebate submission process.

Nine high efficiency RBI CB1500 boilers

After careful evaluation of alternate boiler equipment options the decision was made that each of the three medical office buildings would be powered by three RBI CB1500 boilers with an AHRI-certified efficiency of 97.5% at high fire and part loads up to 99% efficient.

Utilizing the high efficiency RBI Fusion boilers with Ultra Low NOx burner is anticipated to save more than $43,000 annually in fuel costs compared to using standard efficiency equipment.

NOx and CO pollutant reduction

The system has been commissioned and the equipment is working reliably, greatly reducing gas and electrical consumption for the facility. The new RBI boilers will also reduce NOx pollutants by over 300 pounds per year and reduce CO by over 6,000 pounds per year compared to using standard efficiency equipment.

DB Sales & Service is a SoCalGas Trade Pro™ listed company that can help you with your high efficiency equipment needs.