Sweetener Products Company

Vernon, CA

Webster Ultra Low NOx Burner

Commissioned Sept. 2015

New Low NOx Burner Increases Reliability, Cuts Costs

Sweetener Products operates a state-of-the-art warehouse and distribution center in the city of Vernon, in Los Angeles County. As its name implies, Sweetener Products supplies a large variety of nutritive sweeteners, starches, salts, soy products, shortenings, and other specialty items in bulk truckload and in packages. They distribute products across the western United States.

At the heart of Sweetener Products’ manufacturing operations are their steam boilers. These boilers provide the life blood to the manufacturing facility, therefore reliable boiler operations is critical.

After a faulty Ultra Low NOx burner retrofit in 2010 the facility was left with unreliable operation and constant failures. The result was excessive maintenance charges, unreliable operations, and excessive fuel bills. Hard dollar and intangible costs were both unacceptable.

Call to DB Sales, the Ultra Low NOx Burner Experts

When this poor operation could no longer be tolerated by the maintenance personal and executives at Sweetener Products they turned to the experts at DB Sales & Service to provide solutions for their steam boiler system.

DB Sales and Service was able to quickly identify this issue with the existing Ultra Low NOx burners and diagnose the faulty designs. Sweetener Products’ demanding production schedule needed reliability so in collaboration with the engineers at DB Sales & Service it was decided to purchase and install a new Ultra Low NOx burner from Webster Combustion, the leader in Ultra Low NOx burners.

New System Designed to Exact Requirements

After careful consideration and collaboration with the Sweetener Products team, DB Sales & Service recommended the Webster Combustion HDFX burners because of its proven reliability, high turndown capabilities and high efficiency and durable design.

The new system was designed with a Siemens Combustion Controls Parallel position combustion control system, forced draft fan with variable frequency drive and Webster’s patented Temp-A-Trim system to deliver a robust, reliable and high efficiency boiler/ burner system.

The new burners were installed, commissioned and started-up by the factory-trained service engineers at DB Sales & Service.

The new project has exceeded the expectations of the end users, delivering the needed reliability and lowering fuel and maintenance costs.



  • New burners easily meets the stringent Ultra Low NOx emission standards of South Coast Air Quality Management District.
  • Increased burner turndown ratio provides to less cycling and lower fuel bills for Sweetener Products.
  • The robust Webster HDFX burner has provided reliable service.
  • Increased uptime and reduced maintenance cost.
  • Webster’s patented Temp-A-Trim system reduces electrical consumption and allows for lower excess levels and lower fuel and electric bills.
  • Siemens Combustion Controls provide advanced parallel position combustion control system and precise operation.