Kaiser Permanente Heacock

Moreno Valley, CA

Wilo ECM Pump, Bock Water Heaters & HydroTherm ATH Boilers

Commissioned April 2014

Aging Water Delivery System Replaced = SoCal Gas Rebate

Kaiser Permanente’s medical office building located at Heacock Street in Moreno Valley had very inefficient and aging system that was no longer providing reliable building heat and domestic hot water at this critical facility.

Kaiser contacted DB Sales & Service to review options and provide recommendations for pumps, boilers and water heaters in order to provide a more reliable and energy efficient system.

Steve Mertz from DB Sales worked with John McNulty from Kaiser and the design engineers from TTG to select two HydroTherm/ATH KN10’s high efficiency boilers and a Wilo high efficiency EC motor pump; the Stratos Giga for Kaisen Heacock. The new high efficiency system greatly reduced the gas consumption while effectively and efficiently delivering hot water to the building through a primary variable flow heating hot water system.

HydroTherm Boilers Run 15% More Efficiently

HydroTherm (now rebranded as Advanced Thermal Hydronics) manufacturers some of the most efficient high-performance and high-mass boilers on the market. The two new HydroTherm KN10 boilers at the Kaiser facility are saving close to 15% on energy consumption compared to the old inefficient boilers.

Wilo Stratos Giga Pump Reduces Electrical 80%

The new variable speed high efficiency Wilo Stratos Giga pump is projected to reduce electrical consumption over 80% compared to the previous fixed speed circulators. The Wilo Star Z stainless steel domestic recirculation pump ensures there is always hot water at each fixture the moment they are ready for use.

Bock Water Heater Cuts Gas Usage 14%

For the domestic hot water heating system a Bock high efficiency Optitherm water heater with a Wilo Star Z pump for domestic hot water recirculation was selected. The Optitherm is a high efficiency, condensing, modulating BTU input water heater with whisper quiet operation to meet both the performance requirements for the medical office building while not generating any loud noise that would be undesirable to the patients at the facility.

The Bock Optitherm satisfies each draw of domestic water with the lowest BTU input possible, reducing gas consumption more than 14% compared to fixed BTU input heaters. The Bock Optitherm’s also came with a standard automated cathodic protection system built into the heater eliminating the need for sacrificial anodes which will greatly extend the life of the equipment while reducing Kaiser’s maintenance cost since there are no anodes to be replaced on a regulator basis.

DB Sales Helps Kaiser Obtain SoCal Gas Rebate

The system has been commissioned and the equipment is working reliably and greatly reducing gas and electrical consumption for the facility. DB Sales & Service, who is also a SoCal Gas trade pro listed company, helped Kaiser obtain close to $10,000 in rebate money for installing the new high efficiency equipment at their facility.


  • Almost $10,000 in So Cal Gas rebates
  • Reduced BTU consumption and low maintenance cost of water heaters
  • Instant hot water due to recirculating pump
  • New pump uses 80% less electricity
  • New boilers reducing energy consumption about 15%