Worldmark Anaheim Saves Money & Reputation

Anaheim, CA

Intellihot iQ1501 Water Heaters

Commissioned November 2017

Popular Vacation Property Updates Failing Water Heating System

Located in sunny Southern California, the Worldmark Anaheim is a popular destination for Disneyland fans who prefer the short walk to Disney’s entrance. It offers guests the ultimate vacation experience with top-notch amenities including a large pool, two rooftop hot tubs, a BBQ area and relaxing suites for the entire family.

This large, vacation ownership property received complaints from customers experiencing issues with water pressure and temperature stability. The outdated boilers were also becoming costly and inconvenient to operate and repair. Management found its hero in DB Sales who installed Intellihot’s efficient, reliable water heaters, saving the resort’s reputation and wasteful spending.

The Problem

Management began to receive complaints about low water pressure and temperature instability from guests in the lower levels of the building. The existing, outdated hot water system was not only hurting the property’s reputation, but also its wallet due to major inefficiencies and large amounts of stored water.


The Solution

DB Sales technicians installed two Intellihot iQ1501 water heaters to handle the entire building. The new system is designed to save money, time and space from installation to operation. With all the power of alternative systems at a fraction of the size, the design of the iQ1501 makes space-hogging boilers and storage tanks totally obsolete.

Now the new system can easily keep up with demand and deliver precise temperature and water pressure to guests. This technology was up and running quickly and costs the resort less to operate month after month. With Intellihot’s highly efficient units, management eliminated the need for storage and now enjoys a 30% reduction in natural gas consumption over the old system.

Worldmark’s Outdated Water Heating System

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