Century Plaza Towers

Los Angeles, CA

Tallest buildings outside of Downtown LA

Built in 1975


Case Study

18 RBI Boilers

Enhancing Iconic Structures: Revitalizing the Tallest Buildings in SoCal Outside of DTLA

The Century Plaza Towers are iconic buildings located in Southern California. They’re known for being the tallest buildings in the region outside of Downtown Los Angeles. Towering over neighboring buildings at 44 stories high, they offer stunning views of the city skyline on one side and the nearby beaches on the other.

Century Plaza Towers’ History

The Towers hold historical significance and are considered a part of California’s architectural heritage, designed with a modern style due to their distinctive reflective glass exteriors.

The buildings were officially completed in 1975 as part of the Century City development, commissioned by an aluminum company. They were strategically positioned by the crescent-shaped Century Plaza Hotel, which is located across Avenue of the Stars. For convenience and safety, the buildings were connected by an underground passageway, allowing pedestrians to easily move between them without having to cross the busy street above.

The plaza between the towers was originally hardscaped, and has now been transformed into a picturesque landscape called Century Park. Minoru Yamasaki, the architect behind the Corporate International-style towers, believed in creating buildings that achieved maximum stability, functionality and modern style using minimal materials.

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How Our Team of Experts Helped

Our New Equipment Sales team provided 18 RBI units for the towers, which are known for their reliability, efficiency, and performance, making them an ideal choice for this prestigious location.

Overall, the team at DB Sales & Service provided exactly what the Century Plaza Tower buildings needed to keep operations running smoothly. We’re proud to be the team they trust, honor the historical importance of the beautiful buildings and were grateful for the opportunity to supply quality equipment for their project.