DB Sales Helps Sheraton with New High Efficiency Equipment

San Gabriel, CA

RBI Futera Fusion Ultra-High Efficiency Condensing Boilers, Intellihot Tankless Water Heaters & Enerworks S-Power Tube Solar Collectors


Case Study

When the Sheraton was ready to build a new luxury hotel in the historic San Gabriel Valley, they needed a reliable and energy efficient method to deliver heating and domestic hot water for its guests. DB Sales worked closely with the contractors and engineering team to engineer and design highly efficient systems that integrate free energy from the sun to reduce energy costs and provide green energy.

DB Sales recommended RBI Futera Fusion ultra-high efficiency condensing boilers for the hydronic heating. The RBI Fusion design provides an industry-leading 97.5% efficiency at AHRI conditions. We then worked with the design team to lay out the boiler piping and controls, and reviewed the engineered drawings to ensure the system would be able to operate at maximum efficiency. The system utilizes four of the RBI Fusion CB2000 boilers, which are each pre-certified ultra-low emissions with SCAQMD Rule 1146.2 and provide redundancy for the system. The HeatNet boiler controller provide seamless integration so all four of the boilers communicate together and lead/lag each other for optimized run time and operate at the most efficient point. The RBI Fusion boilers have been delivering reliable heating for the facility since they were commissioned because DB Sales ensured the optimal installation, combustion set up, and system operating efficiency.

For the domestic water heating system, DB Sales selected a combination of Intellihot’s tankless water heaters and solar thermal heating. Four iQ1501 heaters were used, Intellihot is the only commercial grade tankless water heater on the market that can provide reliable domestic hot water and even handle hard water. Each Intellihot has a ¾” stainless steel coil with no welds or failure points. The 10-year heat exchanger warranty is the industry’s longest for a tankless water heater. Each Intellihot iQ1501 has a 50:1 turndown ratio and is ultra-low emissions pre-certified per SCAQMD rule 1142.2.

RBI Futera Fusion ultra-high efficiency condensing boilers
Enerworks S-Power evacuated tube solar collectors maximize heat recovery from the sun
The Intellihot units are wired together in the field to operate in unison with their patented “Masterless Cascading” system. Each of the heat exchangers are individually controlled, yet work as a system. Units are sequenced based on individual run time of each heat exchange, cycles of each heat exchanger, and flow. Based on the analytics of each individual heat exchanger, the control will run the heat exchanger with the lowest run hours and cycle times. Since there is no master unit and member unit, all of the heat exchangers are masters, in the sense that they are all individually controlled in a system together.

Using the Intellihot tankless system eliminated the need for domestic hot water storage tank for the system and saved valuable floor space and more equipment room space availability.

For the solar heating water system, DB Sales selected the Enerworks S-Power evacuated tube solar collectors combined with a packaged pumping system with heat exchanger to transfer the heat to domestic water. This system greatly reduces the amount of space required while maximizing the heat recovery from the sun.

The solar heating design provides about half of the energy required for the domestic hot water.

The system has been commissioned and the equipment is working reliably and has greatly reduced gas and electrical consumption for the facility. DB Sales & Service, who is a SoCal Gas Trade Professional company, helped Sheraton obtain close to $24,000 in rebate money for installing the new high efficiency equipment at their facility.