Wahaso – Water Harvesting Solutions

Wahaso helps commercial buildings save millions of gallons of potable water each year by harvesting rainwater, greywater, stormwater, and condensate for non-potable applications.

Their mission is to help municipalities and commercial property owners reduce the impact of their buildings on the environment through innovative and sustainable water practices. The Wahaso team brings their passion about water conservation to every client project. They incorporate a holistic approach in designing and building systems, working to integrate multiple sources of renewable water along with multiple uses of treated water to maximize total water savings.

Wahaso’s water harvesting solutions include:

  • Rainwater Harvesting – Collects clean water from rooftops. Wahaso specializes in designing and building rainwater harvesting systems for various large-scale applications in commercial & industrial buildings.
  • Greywater Harvesting – Collects water from showers, sinks & laundry. Wahaso’s greywater harvesting system provides a safe, treated supply of water that can be used for a variety of non-potable applications.
  • Stormwater Harvesting – Collects ground-level rainwater. Wahaso’s stormwater system accommodates large quantities of stormwater & provides treatment for difficult contaminants.
  • Condensate Harvesting – Collects water on air handling units. Wahaso’s condensate harvesting system gives commercial buildings with forced-air cooling systems a steady source of water for reuse.

Wahaso Greywater Harvesting System

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