DB Sales adds HydroTherm and RBI Boilers to product offerings

by | Mar 21, 2011 | Press Releases

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Garden Grove, CA, March 21 2011 ─ DB Sales announced a new sales relationship with HydroTherm and also with RBI, providing DB Sales with more choices in the breadth of boiler manufacturers represented by DB Sales. HydroTherm and RBI are both part of the Mestek company.

The addition of HydroTherm expands the line of Ultra Low NOx (nitrous oxide) products offered by the DB Sales. HydroTherm is a manufacturer of residential and commercial heating applications; they are best known for their boiler line of modular and high efficiency boiler products. They revolutionized the heating industry by pioneering the modular boiler to provide maximum efficiency and flexibility in commercial heating applications.

The new HydroTherm KN Series units offer efficiencies of up to 93% and are available with outputs ranging from 200MBH to 3,000MBH. Units can be combined to meet the load requirements of any commercial heating application.

RBI offers the most complete line of finned copper tube boilers and water heaters available today. Their products are cost effective and they offer products that are modular, compact and lightweight, making them well suited for retrofit applications and where space is very critical.

DB Sales owner Steve Mertz commented, “We are proud to be partnered with a company that is pre-certified as meeting the emission requirements of the South Coast Air Quality Management District, which is the largest air district in Southern California.”