5 Frequently Asked Questions About Renting Commercial Boilers & Equipment

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Many Building Owners and Facility Management teams wonder about commercal boiler equipment rentals, the process and benefits. If you’re one of them – you’ll find this blog post outlines how boiler and equipment rentals work, the 5 most frequently asked questions about the process and how they can help you keep operations going without a hitch.

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Renting Commercial Boilers & Equipment

Any experienced Technician knows the importance of boiler maintenance and the consequences of neglecting it. Neglecting boiler maintenance can lead to a decrease in efficiency, increased operating costs, and even safety hazards. The experts at our company emphasize that preventative maintenance is crucial to avoid these issues and ensure the equipment’s lifespan in operation.

The benefits of boiler service rentals are many. Sometimes it’s an emergency – like an existing boiler going out of service and sometimes it’s planned, such as an industrial project, expansion of business operations and heating needs.

Benefits of Renting Commercial Boilers

A boiler rental allows you to rent a fully operational and efficient commercial boiler that meets specific needs. Renting a boiler can help businesses save money by avoiding the high upfront cost of purchasing a new boiler or to be able to postpone the expense of major repairs.

Building owners and Facility Managers find it beneficial work with a reputable boiler rental company that offers comprehensive services, including installation, maintenance, and repair. Usually, end users research their options and choose a company that is local, has experience and expertise in their industry.

DB sales and service expert boiler technician setting up the settings for commercial equipment in california

Our team can help in areas from Kern to the Southern California border. We have over 45 years in business, making us one of the most established brands in the market. Our capacity to also sell parts, equipment and also provide maintenance services makes us the ideal partner for Building Management teams to work with.

The benefits of renting include increased efficiency, reduced operating costs, minimized downtime, and improved safety. Renting a boiler allows a business to focus on their core operations without worrying about boiler maintenance.

By working with a reputable boiler rental company like DB Sales and Service, businesses can ensure that their boilers run smoothly while avoiding the high upfront costs of purchasing a new boiler or the expense of major repairs.

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Here are the 5 Most Common Questions About Renting Commercial Boilers and Equipment:


1. Why choose DB Sales & Service for your rental?

We have the largest, newest temporary boiler inventory, fast delivery and turnaround. Our expert Engineer Service Technicians are available 24/7 for your team.

2. What are commercial boiler rentals best suited for?

  • Eliminating Downtime

  • Temporary Extra Capacity Needs

  • Emergency Plant Needs

  • Continued Operation During Planned Offline

  • Maintenance

3. Does DB Sales & Service offer installation?

DB Boiler technicians are available for your convenience to provide installation and start-up service at an additional charge.

4. Who pays the freight when renting commercial boilers?

Freight costs are the Lessee’s responsibility. DB will arrange loading and unloading (crane services, if required) at the site location. Lessee must pay for the unloading and reloading at the site location.

5. Who provides insurance for the boiler rentals?

The Lessee agrees to provide full protection of Rental equipment. Generally, your boiler insurance policy and general liability insurance will automatically pick up this risk. Refer to the Lease Rental Agreement for equipment value and details.

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Rent What You Need:

  • Domestic hot water boiler system
  • Domestic water storage tanks
  • Hydronic heating boilers
  • High pressure steam boilers
  • Steam boiler rental trailers
  • Complete systems with softeners
  • Hydro separation skids
  • Loose distribution pumps
  • Hoses, Tanks & Pump skids

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