June 2015

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Kaiser Moreno Valley Case Study

Aging Water Delivery System Replaced; SoCal Gas Rebate

Kaiser’s Medical office building located at Heacock Street in Moreno Valley had very inefficient and aging system that was no longer providing reliable building heat and domestic hot water for this critical facility such as pumps, boilers and water heaters.

Kaiser contacted DB Sales & Service to review options, discuss the project and provide recommendations that would provide a more reliable and energy efficient system to ensure this critical facility was delivering heat and domestic hot water for its patients.

Wilo Stratos Giga Pump Reduces Electrical Use Over 80%

Steve Mertz from DB Sales worked with John McNulty from Kaiser and the design engineers from TTG to select two Hydrotherm/ATH KN10’s high efficiency boilers and a Wilo high efficiency EC motor pump; the Stratos Giga, to effectively and efficiently deliver hot water for heating to the building through a primary variable flow heating hot water system.

The new high efficiency system greatly reduced the gas consumption and the new variable speed high efficiency Wilo Stratos Giga pump is projected to reduce electrical consumption over 80% compared to the previous fixed speed circulators.

Bock Optitherm Heater Cuts Gas Usage Over 14%

For the domestic hot water heating system a Bock high efficiency Optitherm water heater with a Wilo Star Z pump for Domestic hot water recirculation. The Optitherm is a high efficiency, condensing, modulating BTU input water heater with whisper quiet operation to meet both the performance requirements for the medical office building while not generating any loud noise that would be undesirable to the patients at the facility.

The Bock Optitherm satisfies each draw of domestic water with the lowest BTU input possible, reducing gas consumption more than 14% compared to fixed BTU input heaters. The Bock Optitherm’s also came with a standard automated cathodic protection system built into the heater eliminating the need for sacrificial anodes which will greatly extend the life of the equipment while reducing Kaiser’s maintenance cost since there are no anodes to be replaced on a regulator basis.

Instant Hot Water With Wilo Star Z Pump

The Wilo Star Z stainless steel domestic recirculation pump ensures there is always hot water at each fixture the moment they are ready for use.

DB Sales Helps Kaiser Obtain SoCal Gas Rebate

The system has been commissioned and the equipment is working reliably and greatly reducing gas and electrical consumption for the facility. DB Sales & Service, who is also a SoCal Gas trade pro listed company, helped Kaiser obtain close to $10,000 in rebate money for installing the new high efficiency equipment at their facility.

Energy Efficiency Business Rebate Updates

Steve Mertz (left), president of DB Sales and Service, met recently with members of the SoCal Gas Trade Pro program. DB Sales participates in the program, which provides rebates and information about energy efficiency services and products to reduce costs.

What’s new?

  • As of April 1, 2014 – a new rebate application is in effect with various updates on water heaters, boilers, pipe insulation and more.
  • Commercial water heater rebates will now be offered through distributors only.

Dunham-Bush Adding Florida Plant, Adding U.S. Jobs and Local Shipping

Dunham-Bush will be expanding their operations in the U.S., specifically Miami-Dade County. The expansion will be a joint venture between Dunham-Bush BHD and their local master distributor for the Western Hemisphere.

The new venture signals the expansion of the Malaysia-based Dunham-Bush Bhd into a new HVAC manufacturing plant to be located in an as-yet unnamed northwest Miami-Dade County location, which is expected to be fully functional by Q4 of this year.
“Dunham-Bush USA is excited to be able to announce this new initiative that will create 45-50 new manufacturing jobs for Floridians at the onset, and grow to 200 over a period of time,” says David Hogan, President of HVAC/R International, Inc., Dunham-Bush’s master distributor for Dunham-Bush products.

“We truly believe that South Florida is the gateway between North and South America and with all of the Port Miami improvements and railway enhancements, this will make exporting our products much more feasible for our new company.”

The new Dunham-Bush USA seeks to reverse this trend and use the many incentives provided by the State of Florida to enhance and build upon its century plus history of providing highly specialized and high-performance cooling solutions. Their focus is primarily hotels, resorts, schools, hospitals, airports, and industrial products for all regions in the world.

About Dunham-Bush

Dunham-Bush has long been committed to offering creative solutions for their customers’ needs during its 100+ year history in the heating, ventilating, air-conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC/R) industry. Corporate headquarters are located in Kajang, Malaysia, with offices and operations around the globe. The group’s operations in Malaysia involve principally the manufacture, distribution and sale of a complete range of air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment and associated products.

Combining technical expertise, integration and resource allocation, the C.A. Dunham Company (Est.1894) and Bush Manufacturing Company (Est. 1906) merged into a new company in the 1950s to engage in the research development and production of high standard products.

As they evolved into a new company, Dunham-Bush’s technical integration, resource allocation, research, development and production of high standards established Dunham-Bush’s reputation as an industry pioneer. The United States’ early Dunham Company created and introduced flooding technology for its commercial flooded condenser tubes. This triggered a series of engineering innovations.

In the 1930s, Bush Manufacturing Company was the pioneer in manufacturing air-conditioning unit by using direct expansion evaporator, air-cooled condenser and evaporative condenser. The 1950s introduced water-cooled chillers into such application sectors as commerce and industry. The revolutionary rotary screw compressor technology developed in the 1960s.

Caleffi Quicksetter Balancing Valve

Caleffi Quicksetter™ Balancing Valve Gets Attention at CPMCA Expo

An innovative new balancing valve with flow meter, the 132 Series Quicksetter™ Balancing Valve by Caleffi, got a lot of attention at the DB Sales & Service trade show booth at the recent California Plumbing and Mechanical Contractors Association Expo (CPMCA Expo).

Click here for more information on the valve, including a technical brochure and a video.

About DB Sales

DB Sales is a leading representative firm for a full line of HVAC and plumbing products, serving Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Diego Counties since 1978. The company is distinguished by the high-efficiency equipment expertise of the sales personnel. They are a licensed service contractor and factory certified for all the equipment that they sell. www.dbsales.net