Electric Boilers From DB Sales Help Meet Decarbonization Goals

by | Jul 16, 2018 | Blog

The state of California is making a big push towards sustainable development and decarbonization. The state government hopes to produce all of its electricity with zero emissions by 2045. Local governments are pursuing similar goals on their own. The city of Berkeley recently banned new buildings from installing infrastructure that relies on natural gas. The University of California has adopted a similar policy and refuses to install new devices that rely on fossil fuels under most circumstances. It is likely that more and more areas will adopt similar policies over time. Of course, those places still need heating for their buildings. They simply need to find a way to get it while maintaining their decarbonization goals and cutting emissions.


Most traditional boilers run on fossil fuels, but that is not the only option. Electric boilers, such as those from DB Sales, can get the job done without relying on natural gas. Those boilers can work on their own or be combined with other tools, such as solar heating and cooling, to create a system that works for each location. They can also work together with local solar panels to create a zero net energy building. This makes it easy for their owners to cut their energy costs and meet modern environmental standards for their properties. High efficiency electric boilers don’t release any emissions of their own, which is why they are ideal for fighting against climate change and meeting the new legal requirements. If they get their energy from a clean source, such as wind or solar power, they have a minimal impact on the environment. Modern designs are highly efficient, which means that they can even help to cut costs while meeting the new standards.


The new laws present an opportunity for property owners to update their current infrastructure. After all, electric boilers have advantages beyond their ability to avoid carbon emissions. Those advantages can make them appealing even to property owners who are not currently obligated to replace their existing boilers. DB Sales can help by providing high quality boiler service and maintenance for existing systems or new electric boiler sales from a wide variety of manufacturers. First and foremost, electric high efficiency boilers offer freedom from traditional fuel sources. That means that they can go almost anywhere in the building, rather than being restricted to sections with easy access to fuel. That can also make it much easier to run the boilers in remote areas, or those that suffer from fossil fuel shortages. It is easy to get electricity from the grid, and property owners who want to maximize their reliability can always invest in their own power generation system on their property. They can also be a little bit easier to operate than the traditional boilers. Electric models have fewer moving parts than the combustion boilers, which combines with the lack of a burning fuel to cut down on noise. The electric systems are also safer to operate because they can avoid the safety hazards associated with burning fuels.


The truth is that fossil fuels are becoming more and more unnecessary for many modern buildings. Electric boilers are safe, efficient, and effective for normal use. They work together with solar panels, wind turbines, and other green energy sources to ensure that people can stay comfortable without damaging the environment. That is often enough to ensure that they are the right choice, but changing legislation means they are going to be even more valuable in the future. After all, they are one of the easiest ways to get ahead of the curve and adhere to modern environmental standards. Are you ready to go electric? Get in touch with us today to learn about your options and find the right boiler to meet your needs.